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do i have to send in one of those subscription things or is mine still safe?
Name: Amanda Hernandez
Age: 14
Names changed: no
Type of story: embarassing

My best friend and I were going to the movies to hunt for guys. We were walking around and we saw the type of guys we were into, which were punks/skaters, whatever you'd call it. So we were all excited naturally, and we gave that eye contact to both guys and they called us over. So when we went over the first thing they asked us was "How old are you?" Of course we weren't going to tell them we were 14, so we lied and said 15. So they said "Oh, well we're 16. What school do you go to?" Well since we were still in middle school, we thought of a high school that not many people went to, to avoid the conflict of meeting someone that went to the same school. Well we said we went to El Dorado (since it was the furthest away) and to our surprise, they did too! If that wasn't bad enough, they had told us "Let's meet by the water fountain next to some teachers class." (I couldn't remember the name of the teacher). Well they were so hot that we just went along with it, and gave them our number. Everyday after that they called us telling us to meet them, but we never answered them. One day they texted us saying "We're here at the fountain, come over." We texted back saying "Ok we'll be there right now," and, obviously, we never went. So they texted back saying "Hello? Where are you?" and we wrote back saying "Yes, we're here!" While I was texting the El Dorado guys, I was texting my other friend at the same time. Well I sent the wrong text to the El Dorado guys! And to my horror it said "Ha we're texting these guys that think we go to El Dorado." They replied saying "What????" And we were so embarassed, we never replied back.

Hope this makes it in the mag!
hahah i remember omfg the things we do..lol.....that was halious!!!!