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school stuff!

How do you feel about going to high school?
Are you nervous, excited, scared, or feel nothing?
What do you think about the upperclassmen?
Got any comments on how you think high school will be?

This is your last year, how does that make you feel?
Can't wait to get out into the "real world" or do you wish it could last forever?
How do you feel now that you're at the top of the school?
Any comments on your last high school year?!!


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  • How do I feel about going to high school: i dnt really feel much! =/, im just nervous about the girlzs! like always girls are ALWAYS mean to me no matter who and what they are.
  • upperclassmen? not scared at all just like as i said nervous!
  • i think high school will be exactly like middle school just more people! because coming from eastwood middle word spreads in like not even minutes! =/.

  • it makes me sad that this is my last year in high school, because i know i won't see all my friends after this year.
  • i have mixed feelings about this question. i dont want it to end because im going to miss everyone. Yet, i can not wait to get out of HS and move out. i want to meet new people and move in with (God Willing) my cousin.
  • i feel excited that im a senior(that way i can leave) now but im not going to like scream and get all hyper and stuff, just be me.
  • im going to miss everyone, mostly my reveillers and my best friends.

    personal insert->i love you abby. i got you your bday gift!
  • 1.)I am reluctant to start the year because I know it is going to fly by fast. I want to have many good memories. I am excited to end high school, but sometimes feel kind of sad knowing this is my last year, sorry if that didnt make sense.

    2.) I want to get into the real world, but I love having everything I need provided for. I do want my youth to last forever, but the real world seems challenging and fun. I am happy to face the real world in approximately one year :).

    3.) Being at the top of the school is nice because people look up to you and actually will maybe take your advice. I love to help people, so being an "authority" will mke this easier. Being at the top rocks because going to school is that much better and feels that much more comfortable.

    4.) I can't wait for the year to start. I really can't wait for band, musical theatre, art club, NHS, and everything else I missed that I am in or will be in. Hopefully my grades will be perfect and I will have a great time. I hope everything goes well for everyone else and everyone is cool with everyone (no drama, etc). Go Seniors :).
    I feel like it's already gone.
    It's a vacant year that I don't really feel like occupying.
    Either way, I'm sure I'll have fun and make the best of unlocking this cage to get some place of actual importance.
    I still enjoy this trivial rush though; Childhood :D

    I'm sure I'll feel different next summer.